Dr. Mark Ryan

Mark Ryan graduated medical school at VCU in 2000, and completed his Family Medicine residency at the Blackstone Family Practice program in 2003.  He has worked in medically-underserved communities for nine and one-half years since completing his residency training: four years in rural Charlotte County, and five and one-half years in Southside Richmond.  He has lead a medical service and community development project in the Dominican Republic since 2006, with a focus on providing healthcare to marginalized communities in the capital city of Santo Domingo.  Dr. Ryan was one of the first two graduates of the ICRP (now I2CRP) program.  Currently he works with first- and second-year medical students to teach them how to work with patients and take patient histories and perform physical exams.  He also teaches third-year medical students about family medicine.  Dr. Ryan sees patients at the CrossOver Health Center and at the VCU Hayes E. Willis Health Center at Southside Plaza and the Nelson Clinic downtown.

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