Prof. Jon Waybright


Adjunct Instructor of Religious Studies, VCU Department of Religious Studies

Professor Waybright grew up in Midlothian, Virginia where he completed a double major at Virginia Commonwealth University in Religious Studies and History. He studied at Boston University School of Theology, where his interest in religion and history deepened, eventually leading to a focus on theology, archaeology, and the world’s religious traditions.

Supplementing his academic career, Professor Waybright has literally crossed the globe in search of experiences and adventure related to his academic work. Travel throughout Europe, Asia, and the near east specifically has provided a great deal of material, anecdotes, and life lessons to bring into the classroom. It is his belief that in today’s multicultural environment a key for successful leadership and advancement in society depends on learning skills that enable students to understand cultures and perspectives far different than their own. A key overseas project that exemplifies this approach involves his work excavating in Israel for the past 20 years. As a professional staff member of several major excavations he is considered an expert in field archaeology. Professor Waybright has also spent much effort attempting to share this experience by encouraging students to join an archaeological excavation. Thus more than fifty students from both Boston area schools and Virginia Universities have participated in this exciting study abroad experience due to the efforts and guidance of Professor Waybright.

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